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•   is a nation-wide initiative officially registered as a non-profit, public benefit association, with wom­en and men as members.
•   Forum Social Inclusion promotes equal rights for women and men in Germany and Europe.
•   Through its inclusive approach, Forum Social Inclusion communicates a model of con­tem­po­ra­ry, par­ity- and partnership-oriented lifestyles based on mutual esteem and ap­pre­cia­tion.
•   Forum Social Inclusion conceives gender policy as based on the equality of men and women with a ho­lis­tic understanding of the family - inclusive of the persepective(s) of men.
•   Forum Social Inclusion critiques the imbalance of current social discourse in the areas of gen­der and fa­mi­ly policy that has resulted in both current and structural bias. Forum Social In­clu­sion stands for a solution-oriented approach and seeks to set positive impulses for social change.
•   Forum Social Inclusion stands for participation by women and men in all areas of society on a ba­sis of equal rights and is altering gender policy through its holistic approach of SOCIAL IN­CLU­SION :
  •  "The demand for Social Inclusion has been fullfilled when each and every human being is ac­cept­ed by society in his or her individuality, and has the opportunity to fully take part in and be a part of society."
  •  "Differences and variations are consciously noted within the framework of social in­clu­sion, but are limited or even abolished in terms of their significance. Their pres­ence is nei­ther questioned nor regarded as a peculiarity by society."
  •  "The right to participation is founded on social ethics and applies to all areas of life."
  •  "Social inclusion thereby describes the parity of individuals."
•   Forum Social Inclusion promotes social inclusion for women and men in understandable, non­aca­dem­ic language.
•   Forum Social Inclusion provides experts for lectures, conferences, and symposiums on re­quest.
•   Forum Social Inclusion depends on donations by engaged individuals and institutions for its vol­un­teer work.
•   Forum Social Inclusion is dedicated to positive social change : for an empathic view of both gen­ders, with a holistic perspective on and investigation of the phases of our lives :
  •  What do women / mothers need ?
  •  What do men / fathers need ?
  •  What do children / boys / girls need ?
  •  What do minorities need ?
 Forum Social Inclusion, 2015-02-09
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